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作者: yueyrt14tz    時間: 2018-5-17 00:50     標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys another security guard

By Brushell BlackmanThe body of Ivan Phillips, 54 years of D’Urban Street,Wholesale Jerseys China, Lodge,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, was found lying in a pool of blood at the Le Premier Academy on North Road and Alexander Street, where he worked as a security guard.The man had a stab wound to the neck and his head was bashed in. According to reports, the man was discovered around 6:00 hrs yesterday by passersby who were on their way to the nearby Bourda Market.While no one has been arrested so far, many opined that the murder appears to be the handy work of a ‘junkie’, since a battered one side foot wear that did not belong to the victim was found nearby.Persons who gathered at the scene yesterday said that the area is a haven for ‘junkies’ who would rummage through the market remnants and also do odd jobs for persons in the area for a small fee.The dead man’s bag was missing which suggested that he was the victim of a robbery.  Another security guard,NFL Jerseys China, who worked previously with Phillips, said that the bag normally contains valuables and the man’s important documents. The distraught former colleague said that Phillips had resorted to taking the bag to work since he lived alone and his home had been previously burglarised when he was at work some time ago. He opined that the robber(s) may have known of the contents in the bag and went to get it. From all accounts the man may have fought with his attackers and this prompted them to kill him. The body is now at the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting a post mortem examination. While Phillips reportedly has no children, it is not clear if he has other relatives in the city.Just two days ago,Jerseys Cheap NFL, another security guard, Cecil Hamilton,Cheap Jerseys From China, 74 of 15 Public Road Soesdyke was found murdered at his worksite. The septuagenarian was found battered and bound outside his security hut at the Soesdyke Huis Coverden,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, National Democratic Council (NDC), where he worked as a security guard.According to reports, a villager who was on her way to work noticed the man’s lifeless body lying on the ground and alerted other villagers. Just below the man’s body, a grill protecting a window to one of the NDC’s offices was cut and prized open. An employee, who was at the scene, confirmed that a safe and a computer were stolen from the building. The employee could not say if or how much money the safe contained. No one has been arrested for that earlier murder either.

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