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作者: yueyrt14tz    時間: 2018-5-17 00:54     標題: NFL Jerseys China from the National Literacy Unit

The recently concluded Global Competitiveness Report has illustrated that there is no value for money being expended on the education sector in Guyana.This is according to Alliance for Change Leader, Raphael Trotman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who was at the time responding to the fact that while Guyana ranked third out of 133 countries on expenditure per capita on education expenditure it is not reflected in the quality of education delivered.“It is all well and good to spend money in the education sector but clearly we are not getting value for money.”Trotman did point to the fact that there have been isolated cases of students excelling at examinations but said this did not represented the broad spectrum of education in Guyana.In the report, Guyana is ranked 55 out of the countries surveyed as it relates to primary education.In terms of higher education and training Guyana ranked 62 as it relates to the quality of the educational system.The country scored 79 on the quality of mathematics and science and in terms of the quality of the management of schools the country scored 88.On the issue of the quality of scientific research institutions Guyana ranked 120 whilst University/industry collaboration in research and development was ranked at 86.In December,NFL Jerseys Clearance, the Education Ministry had conceded that there was a notable decline in students’ performance at the Grade Six Assessment and caused the Ministry of Education to put in place a pilot programme intended to reverse the unsatisfactory trend.Education Minister, Shaik Baksh, had said that after scrutinising the results of the assessment,China Jerseys, which has replaced the Common Entrance Examination,Soccer Jerseys China, it was discovered that some schools in Georgetown, in terms of the growth index, have declined.In fact, he noted,Cheap NFL Jerseys, with much concern that in some cases the results are 10 points below what was obtained in 2007.The Minister said that the pilot programme will see the Ministry working with five of the poorest performing primary schools from within the Georgetown District in a bid to change things around within a year or two.But apart from rolling off the new Literacy Methodology, the Ministry has already sought to set up a National Literacy Unit which is currently being staffed to help the school system.“These initiatives must be seen as school-friendly so that when people (from the National Literacy Unit) come to the schools to assist…they will be able to guide, as they have some specialisation…They will work with you to see how we can improve literacy overall.”According to the Minister,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, within another three years the sector should not have the Fast Track Literacy Initiative since it is expected that it must be self-sustaining in the primary school system.And should there be a need for assistance in individual schools, special arrangements could be made for workshops to be held.Meanwhile, a literacy certificate for students at the Grade Four Level is being touted by the Ministry as a means to help students achieve a higher performance rate before moving to another academic level.

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