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作者: yueyrt14tz    時間: 2019-6-16 03:47     標題: Bill Lee Jersey

Even when home teams had a worse regular-season record,Danny Ainge Jersey, they have gone 20-16, a .556 winning percentage.
From the 1989 season through the 2001 season,Corey Brewer Jersey, there were only three playoff games hosted by the team with fewer victories. But it's become a regular occurrence lately, with this weekend raising the total to 15 such games over the past seven seasons.
This season, home teams went 153-102-1, a .600 winning percentage, even better than the .575 enjoyed by home teams for all regular-season games in the Super Bowl era, according to STATS. During the playoffs,Wholesale Football Jerseys, STATS said,Cheap Seahawks Jerseys China, home teams win at a .675 clip — which makes sense,, because usually that club was better during the regular season.
Generally,Miami Dolphins Jersey Throwback, playing at home is an advantage.

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