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標題: Air Max 720 Soldes they share rooms when we travel [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt14tz    時間: 2019-6-25 02:42     標題: Air Max 720 Soldes they share rooms when we travel

Lanning did not respond to several requests by the AP for comment. In a 2012 interview with his hometown paper,Andy Lee Jersey, the Pontiac Daily Leader,Bengals Jersey Color Rush, he described his job as doing research for the treasurer,Wholesale Football Jerseys, handling constituent requests and frequent travel. He has a young son and spends personal time working on Rutherford campaign activities, he told the paper. A Rutherford spokeswoman said the two men's relationship is purely professional.
The treasurer defends the room-sharing as simply a way to save money,Anders Bjork Jersey, arguing businesses and even professional sports leagues do it. He insists he only does it during travel in expensive places and on campaign business.
"Our staffs on the campaign,Cheap Adidas Superstar China, they share rooms when we travel,Cheap Nike Shoes Wholesale," Rutherford told the AP. "Josh has been with me for years on our operation. There's other businesses where (a) boss and others share."

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